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Silent Hill 2 Guy Cihi (James Sunderland) Costume Jacket

Silent Hill 2 Guy Cihi (James Sunderland) Costume Jacket

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Men's Size Chart

Men's Size Chart

Women's Size Chart


Women's Size Chart

Men's Pant Size Chart


Men's Pant Size Chart



Women's Pant Size Chart


Women's Pant Size Chart

Men Size Chart

Size Chest Waist Person Chest Size Shoulder Sleeve
2XS 38" 33" 34" - 36" 17" 24.5"
XS 40" 35" 36" - 38" 17.5" 25"
S 42" 37" 38" - 40" 18" 25.5"
M 44" 39" 40" - 42" 18.5" 26"
L 46" 41" 42" - 44" 19" 26.5"
XL 48" 43" 44" - 48" 19.5" 27"
2XL 50" 45" 48" - 50" 20" 27.25"
3XL 52" 47" 50" - 52" 21" 27.5"
4XL 54" 49" 52" - 54" 22" 28"

Women Size Chart

Size Chest Waist Hips Sleeves Shoulder
2XS 34 30 33 23.5 14.5
XS 36 32 35 24 15
S 38 34 37 24.5 15.5
M 40 36 39 25 16
L 42 38 41 25.5 16.5
XL 44 40 43 26 17
2XL 46 42 45 26.5 17.5
3XL 48 44 47 27 18

Care Instructions

If you're not wearing your jacket, put it on a sturdy hanger with broad shoulders. It will maintain its form thanks to this.

-Refrain from exposing the leather to heat or direct sunshine as this might cause fading or cracking.

-Let your jacket air dry if it becomes wet. To absorb more moisture, use a dry sponge.

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Silent Hill 2 Guy Cihi Costume Jacket

Introducing the Guy Cihi Jacket from Silent Hill 2, a painstaking ode to the legendary James Sunderland. With this exceptional jacket, created to perfectly encapsulate the spirit of this cherished survival horror video game, you can embrace the creepy and mysterious world of Silent Hill. This jacket is an exact duplicate of the one James Sunderland, a character played by Guy Cihi, wore in the highly regarded Silent Hill 2. This jacket, made of premium fabrics, is built to last and to be comfortable. We understand that every fan comes in a different size. That's why we offer this jacket in a range of sizes, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit.

Caring Tips:

1- Provide proper nutrition, exercise, and regular veterinary care for your pets.
2- Spend time playing and bonding with your pets to strengthen the human-animal relationship.
3- Ensure a safe and comfortable living environment for them.

    Product Features:

    • Color: Green
    • Material: Cotton
    • Inner: Viscose lining
    • Collar: Shirt Style
    • Front: Zipper
    • Inspiration: Silent Hill 2
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